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Monday, November 15, 2010


I am doing the large angel from "On Gossamer Wings" and was wondering if the head and hands that you showed in the pattern  are still available anywhere. I can't seem to find out anything from the information in the back of the pamplet. It is so much prettier than anything I have found on the internet or in the stores here in Montana. Love your patterns and look forward to seeing this angel on my tree.  Thanks for any help you can give me. 
                          S. Rice
                          Denton, MT 

The best source is Dottie Stowell, 704 Swan Lane, Destin, FL 32541  Phone:  904-837-8660.  The prefix might have changed.  I think that she still supplies the small, medium and large sizes.  The med. or large are the best sizes for the tree top angel.  I don't know if she supplies the hands or body parts. The small size is used for the angels on the cards.  Each of the angel heads is hand made!  They are beautiful! 
- Emie

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gotta Love It!

Emie is glad to be hard at work in her design studio thinking up designs for next year. If you have feedback on what you'd like to see more of, let us know. Emie loves getting ideas form everything she involves herself with in life. Most of her designs have a personal connection with the world and her love of it! We invite you to make her designs your own. Change them, re-arrange them, and then share them with us! We love to see how Emie inspires others to create their own art that fits into their life! Email us photos and your stories at, and don't forget to check out our new design out this week at!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Thank You

Several years ago I submitted two of my projects from your designs in an annual needlecraft show at the Loudin Museum in Leesburg, Virginia and won a second and third place ribbon.  I was very pleased that I did so well since I just learned how to do  Hardanger embroidery in 1999.  Now I want to finish Another Story. 
Your designs are beautiful and I just picked up a Christmas Sampler by you when I was in the Stitching Post in Baltimore, MD and want to start on it after I finish Another Story.
Thank you, Emie


Friday, September 24, 2010

Where do I start?

Would you please tell me how far down to start stitching the Hardanger Christmas Tree design? I *think* I have enough fabric, but knowing how many threads (or inches) down from the top edge I should begin stitching would help ease my mind about starting.

Hello D,
For example:  See Holly and Berry Christmas Tree design notes on p 2
If you are using #32 count linen,  then your finished  piece will measure 5.37 inches across and 7.38 inches in length. 
If you are using #28 count linen, then your finished piece will measure 6.14 inches across and 8.43 inches in length.
Measure your fabric, subtract the length required, divide by 2 (one for the top border and one for the bottom border) and that will tell you how far down (or up) you are to begin.
See DESIGN AREA measurements for each design in the book.
I am pleased that you have chosen to stitch the pieces in this book.  They are some of my personal favorites! 
Best wishes,  Emie

If I'm understanding correctly, the 86x106 design area for the Hardanger Christmas Tree means 86 graph squares by 106 graph squares, which means 172 threads wide and 212 threads long for the *stitched area.*

But I need to know how much fabric to allow *above* the stitched area: if I don't allow enough fabric above the star motif, I may not have enough for the pattern on page 6 plus seam allowance, producing a tree with either a chopped-off crown or a star motif partially inside the seam allowance. BEGIN STITCHING THE STAR AT LEAST 3 INCHES FROM THE TOP OF THE FABRIC.

Does the following sound right to you?

The star motif is 18 squares wide, i.e. 36 threads wide. On 32-count fabric that is just over an inch and one-eighth wide. Where the top of the pattern on page 6 is about an inch and one-eighth wide is about an inch and five-eighths down from the top. Add three-quarters of an inch for the seam allowance to get two and three-eighths inches.  YOU CAN USE 1/2 INCH SEAM ALLOWANCE-- EVEN 1/4 INCH SEAM ALLOWANCE WILL BE ENOUGH.  ADJUST THE PATTERN ON P 6 AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED THE STITCHED PIECE

So I should arrange for the top of the star motif to be no closer to the top of my fabric than two and three-eighths inches, yes?  3  INCHES IS A SAFE MARGIN

Hi D, 
you've figured the number of threads correctly.  I've read and re-read your question....and I hope I understand you.  If your fabric is cut as large as I suggested in the "Design Area",  (11 X 13 or 12 X 14) there is an approximate 3 inch border all the way around.  It is more than enough so that you will not be cutting off the star motif.  You do not need to use 3/4 inch seam allowand. 1/2 or 1/4 inch will work.  My best suggestions  are:  center your design on the fabric and allow sufficient fabric for the length.  Once your stitching is complete, adjust the pattern on p 6 to fit the stitched piece.

Thanks very much for the help. Sorry I wasn't more clear in my first email about my exact concern.

Hi D,  no problem -- glad to help!  I have another suggestion:  knowing your concern about the stitching at the top, I think it would be possible -- even advisable -- to allow 1/4 inch or more at the top and have less border at the bottom.  So, you would begin stitching 31/2 inches down from the top of the fabric.   You definetly won't need 3 inches margin at the bottom.  But, if you've already begun.....  Anyway, let me know how you do.  Emie

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silk Perle/Perle Cotton


I'm getting ready to stitch your design, "Only by Hand", and was planning to order silk perle to use rather than the perle cotton. Do you have any idea of the approximate amount of the perle #8 and #12 threads I need? I couldn't find any information on that in the design pamphlet. I would really appreciate if you had some guidance for me. The nearest shop to me that would sell silk perle is 130 (!) miles away, so I need to order it or else buy enough if I happen to get to the shop.
Thank you so much for your time.

Hello G,

The length of silk perle in #8 and #12 varies from company to company. My best guess is that you would need about 1/2 of a ball of #8 perle cotton to complete the Only By Hand sampler. A ball of #8 perle cotton is 80 meters -- so about 40 meters. My best guess is that you will need about 20-30 meters of #12. My best suggestion is to buy more of the silk than you think you will need. It can always be used in another project.
If you should change your mind and use the cotton instead of silk, one ball of each size will be more than enough for the project.
I'm so pleased that you've chosen to work on one of our designs. Let us know how you are doing.
Best wishes, Emie