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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your design?

My mom is at an Assisting Living Home.  Today a new resident moved in and she had a lot of cross stitch and hardanger pieces to hang.  She had stitched each one so beautifully but did not know much about them any longer.  It is sad what age and health can do to our bodies.
Well she had a lovely design which I thought looked like you and your designs.  It has a verse about which started something like; I age with hair of Gray, and of course the hardanger work at the bottom of the sampler.  Do you know if this is your design and is it still available?  I really don't know whose else it would be if not yours.
Thank-you for your time.  And thank you for all your beautiful work.  I love each piece I see.  There is just not enough time to stitch them all!
Thank you!  Sincerely
Carole Ballman

Hello Carol,  
I don't recognize the verse.  Perhaps someone charted the verse and used one of my patterns for the Hardanger.  You might look on the website to see if there is one that is similar in design.  Good luck!  Emie


I am looking for Reticella Patterns. Could you please point me in the right direction? 

Hello Ann.  I have not published any patterns for Reticella.  Reticella is a needlemade lace that has other names as well.  If you are familiar with and have stitched Hardanger then you will be able to quickly learn Reticella.  It uses stitches such as  Buttonhole, Woven and Wrapped Bars, Picots, etc.  Some of my designs  (as in L96 Embellishments, L120 The Garden, L 107 The Charity Sampler, L125 The Unfinished Sampler, L111 Heart's Delight , etc) use stitches and patterns that are also found in Reticella designs.  I suggest that you consult the DMC Encyclopedia of Stitches, or Anchor"s Encyclopedia of Stitches.  These books give illustrations and how-to for Reticella.  Whenever I have stitched a Reticella piece, I have used the finest fibers available (ultra fine twined crochet or tatting fibers) and have needed to use a strong magnifying glass.
Best wishes to you! Emie Bishop

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wedding Sampler

Dear Ms. Bishop,
Your designs are beautiful.  Thank you for creating such pretty items to
stitch!  I am looking for a beautiful wedding sampler to make as my only
daughter is getting married  in September.  I want to make her something
beautiful as a gift.  Do you have a wedding sampler, or maybe an ideas of a
design that you have that can be modified to be a wedding sampler.  Thank

PS:  I have been stitching for 25 years and LOVE IT!  Last Christmas I made
3 of your beautiful designs for gifts  (Noel, Joy and Merry Christmas).


Hello Peggy,
Wedding samplers make the very best gifts!  You might think about.  #L70 The Love Sampler. The words "Today", "Tomorrow", and "Always" are part of the design.  Using the alphabet at the top of sampler, the last name can be stitched in the provided space.  Other stitchers have found a spot for the date. L 81 Celebrations  is a smaller sampler than L70. It has a simpler Hardanger border . The book I designed called Joyous Occasions (available on EBAY) has a beautiful wedding sampler.  The book also has a smaller sampler that was used as an anniversary sampler.  It uses touches of ribbon embroidery along with Hardanger.  An alphabet is also provided. I'm not sure of its current price or the number of copies available. (I have a few copies left if EBAY doesn't work).  Of course, there are others that could be adapted:  L95 The Faith SamplerL107The Charity Sampler.
I'd be pleased to hear how it all turns out.  And, if you decide to use one of my designs, we would love to post a picture of it on our website.
Best wishes,  Emie

A Collection of Beautiful Stitches

Hello from Canada.
I am considering ordering Emie's "A Collection of Beautiful Stitches" book.
Since I do have some books focussing on hardanger stitches, and techniques, I am primarily interested in the 'specialty stitches' section of Emie's book. Could you give me an idea of the stitches covered in this section?
Thank you for any help you can offer that will assist me in deciding whether this is the book I need/want. 
Hello Linda, 
The Collection of Beautiful Stitches has a variety of stitches in addition to the Hardanger.  The specialty stitches include Satin, Rhodes, Mosaic, Hemstitching in most of its forms, Sprat's Head, Woven Cross, Nun's,  Eyelet, Mordovinian.....the list goes on.  It also has a sections on Ribbon Embroidery, Repairing, etc.  Hope this helps.  

Best wishes,  Emie