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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silk Perle/Perle Cotton


I'm getting ready to stitch your design, "Only by Hand", and was planning to order silk perle to use rather than the perle cotton. Do you have any idea of the approximate amount of the perle #8 and #12 threads I need? I couldn't find any information on that in the design pamphlet. I would really appreciate if you had some guidance for me. The nearest shop to me that would sell silk perle is 130 (!) miles away, so I need to order it or else buy enough if I happen to get to the shop.
Thank you so much for your time.

Hello G,

The length of silk perle in #8 and #12 varies from company to company. My best guess is that you would need about 1/2 of a ball of #8 perle cotton to complete the Only By Hand sampler. A ball of #8 perle cotton is 80 meters -- so about 40 meters. My best guess is that you will need about 20-30 meters of #12. My best suggestion is to buy more of the silk than you think you will need. It can always be used in another project.
If you should change your mind and use the cotton instead of silk, one ball of each size will be more than enough for the project.
I'm so pleased that you've chosen to work on one of our designs. Let us know how you are doing.
Best wishes, Emie

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