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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I just purchased this pattern (it's BEAUTIFUL!) but already I'm at a loss.  I do not see in the instructions where it tells what stitch/color/etc was used for the birds flying in formation.  I cannot find that symbol in the instructions.  Please advise.    

The symbol used for the Southbound flying geese is color # 844 Beaver Gray U Dk.  It is stitched with a single strand worked over a single fabric thread.  The position of the fabric thread to be stitched is shown by the position of the symbol in the square (of the four fabric threads it is the upper right one).   Unfortunately the printing process reduced the symbol making it hard to tell what it is without a magnifying glass.  See Upper Section Instruction #2 on p2 and #3 on p. 3. 
Fall is such a glorious time of the year. I hope you will enjoy your finished sampler! 
Best wishes,   Emie 

I did find the instructions for stitching...just not the color, altho I was going with the UDark Beaver gray!!!  Thanks for responding.  I can't WAIT to get started.  This is a beautiful design.  I'm new to specialty sts & Hardanger, but a million or more counted cross stitches under my belt!!!  I am LOVING every minute!  Fall is my favorite (and I live in the desert!  But grew up in Michigan so I know how gorgeous it is!!!)  Thanks again.  I hope you are going to design all four seasons in this series?!?!?!  Penny

Friday, March 4, 2011

Peace Sampler

I have the Peace Sampler directions.  What color thread do I use for the backstitches on the doves?

Hello Nancy.  It has been a long time since  I designed The Peace Sampler and so I have had to re- read the directions.  I also checked the stitched piece.  The "backstitch" lines you see on the head, beek, etc. are a3/4 Cross stitch with the "backstitch" line being the final portion of the stitch..  The feet are backstitched.  It is all worked in Ecru floss. 
Thanks for choosing one of my designs!
Best wishes,  Emie

Alternate Fabric?


I purchased “The Garden” chart almost 12 months ago and am having an awful time trying to track down the R and R Reproductions English Ivy Linen. Can you recommend an alternate fabric?



Hello Fee,  I am happy to recommend the Laurel linen sold by Wichelt.  If it is no longer available, I would recommend Wichelt's "Beach Walk".  It is a soft, muted green.  Thanks for choosing one of my designs!  Best wishes to you and your stitching friends in Australia,  Emie

Afghan Adjustments?

First of all - I am absolutely thrilled at having found your website!  I adore hardanger and your designs are so lovely - I look forward to doing many of them.
I have "The Christmas Quilt", number 144 and would like your advice on doing it as an afgan, please.  I was hoping too; but, the smallest weave I have been able to find is 18.  Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you.

Hello Debbie!  So glad you found the website!  I have enjoyed stitching Hardanger on 18 count afghan fabric.  It works up quickly and the result is stunning!  You will just need to adjust the size of Pearl Cotton....Use 3 and 5  or for more delicate appearing use 5 and 8.  I have even used the fabric fiber (pulled from the outside edge of the fabric) for the Klosters.  I show designs on 18 count afghan fabric in #96 Embellishments, #100 Linen Potpourri, and #119 Dreams.  If you want to stitch it on a smaller weave you will need to persuade your favorite shopowner to order yardage of something like Lugana.
Best wishes, Emie

Thank you so much for your prompt reply : - )
I typically use 28 or 32 count for my hardanger designs (I order my fabric from Nordic Needle) - but, am I understanding you correctly - do you think that I could get a nice result using an 18 count?  I'm hoping to make it into an afghan, so....wish me luck!