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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Collection of Beautiful Stitches

Hello from Canada.
I am considering ordering Emie's "A Collection of Beautiful Stitches" book.
Since I do have some books focussing on hardanger stitches, and techniques, I am primarily interested in the 'specialty stitches' section of Emie's book. Could you give me an idea of the stitches covered in this section?
Thank you for any help you can offer that will assist me in deciding whether this is the book I need/want. 
Hello Linda, 
The Collection of Beautiful Stitches has a variety of stitches in addition to the Hardanger.  The specialty stitches include Satin, Rhodes, Mosaic, Hemstitching in most of its forms, Sprat's Head, Woven Cross, Nun's,  Eyelet, Mordovinian.....the list goes on.  It also has a sections on Ribbon Embroidery, Repairing, etc.  Hope this helps.  

Best wishes,  Emie

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