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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am looking for Reticella Patterns. Could you please point me in the right direction? 

Hello Ann.  I have not published any patterns for Reticella.  Reticella is a needlemade lace that has other names as well.  If you are familiar with and have stitched Hardanger then you will be able to quickly learn Reticella.  It uses stitches such as  Buttonhole, Woven and Wrapped Bars, Picots, etc.  Some of my designs  (as in L96 Embellishments, L120 The Garden, L 107 The Charity Sampler, L125 The Unfinished Sampler, L111 Heart's Delight , etc) use stitches and patterns that are also found in Reticella designs.  I suggest that you consult the DMC Encyclopedia of Stitches, or Anchor"s Encyclopedia of Stitches.  These books give illustrations and how-to for Reticella.  Whenever I have stitched a Reticella piece, I have used the finest fibers available (ultra fine twined crochet or tatting fibers) and have needed to use a strong magnifying glass.
Best wishes to you! Emie Bishop

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