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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Your design?

My mom is at an Assisting Living Home.  Today a new resident moved in and she had a lot of cross stitch and hardanger pieces to hang.  She had stitched each one so beautifully but did not know much about them any longer.  It is sad what age and health can do to our bodies.
Well she had a lovely design which I thought looked like you and your designs.  It has a verse about which started something like; I age with hair of Gray, and of course the hardanger work at the bottom of the sampler.  Do you know if this is your design and is it still available?  I really don't know whose else it would be if not yours.
Thank-you for your time.  And thank you for all your beautiful work.  I love each piece I see.  There is just not enough time to stitch them all!
Thank you!  Sincerely
Carole Ballman

Hello Carol,  
I don't recognize the verse.  Perhaps someone charted the verse and used one of my patterns for the Hardanger.  You might look on the website to see if there is one that is similar in design.  Good luck!  Emie

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