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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Collection of Beautiful Stitches

Hi - I am very new to hardanger and have purchased your book - a Collection of Beautiful Stitches.  Unfortunately I am not able to figure out all the stitches shown on the covers of your book.  Do you think you might be able to send me a list of the stitches as they are shown on the front and back covers, inside and out?

Thank you


Hello Carolyn,  I'm happy to list the stitches shown on the covers of A Collection of Beautiful Stitches.
FRONT COVER:  left to right and top[ to bottom:
Woven Bars with Picots
Woven Bars with Spokes
Woven Bars with Dove's Eyes
Woven Bars with Webs
Woven Bars with Woven Leaf
Woven Bars with Three-Sided Dove's Eye
Woven Bars with Buttonhole Bars
Woven Triangle
Woven Bar with Buttonhole Flower
Wrapped Bars with Spokes and Bullion Stitch - or Knot- center
Woven Bars, Picots and Webs
Woven Bars with Divided Branch
Wrapped Bars with Queen Ann's Lace
Woven Bars with Ribbed Web Loop Combo
Woven Bars (worked over two threads) and Dove's Eyes
Woven Bars with Ribbed Web and Spokes
Wrapped Bars with Ribbed Web and Spokes
Connected Wrapped Bars with Spokes
Woven Bars with Buttonhole Circle
Wrapped Bars (over two) with Dove's Eyes
Wrapped Bars with Ribbed Web
Woven Bars with Corner Dove's Eyes
Connected Wrapped Bars with Bullion Centers
Wrapped Bars with Woven Short Leaf
Wrapped with Dove's Eye and Spoke
Loop Stitch
Woven Bars with Web with Spokes
Wrapped Bars with Bullion  Knot/Stitch Center
Woven Bars with Spokes and Buttonhole Arc
Wrapped Bars with Spoke with Woven Leaf Flower
Maltese Cross Interlace


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