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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Love your Series Collection!

Hello Emie, 
I am a huge fan of yours and would like to know if I am missing a chart from one of your series. 

I have Faith, Hope, Love, Charity and Peace. 
I am hoping there is more as I want to put them in my dining room and need 3 more. 

Looking forward to hearing from  you. 
Hugs & Stitches, 

Hello Brenda,
Thank you for choosing some of my designs for your home!  I don't have any that follow that sequence.  However, I walked through my living/dining rooms and thought you might be interested in what I have chosen to hang in my own home. On one wall of my living room I have Embellishments, Faith, Hope, Dreams, Love, Charity and Welcome.  The wall near the piano has Peace and Trust In The Lord.  My dining room has Pieces of My Heart - the one that includes snippets of treasured laces as well the sampler that doesn't. I have chosen to hang Sunshine and Flowers. The entry foyer has the complete bell pull found in The Unfinished Sampler.  The Gardeen is at the top of the stairs.  The family room has Main Street USA (images of our hometown), Rava 'ai Ta'ata, Homeward bound, and others that have a country feel.
I hope that you will enjoy looking  through the website and that you will find something that will inspire you.  I will be pleased to hear again from you.
Best wishes,

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