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Thursday, March 20, 2014

I need supplies! Can you help?

I am helping a friend locate supplies for Unfinished Sampler and have hit a snag with finding 28 count banding in Ivory that is 3.5 inches wide.  The response has been that 28 count only comes in 3.25 inches wide banding and no Ivory and the 3.5 inch wide banding only comes in 30 count.  I think she will be happy with the 30 count if I can convince her that it is not much different from the 28 count but I would like to be certain that there is NOT a 28 count linen banding that is 3.5 inches wide in Ivory out there somewhere that I have not been able locate yet.  Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.  Thank you.

C. J.

Hello C.J. , 
I feel your pain.  Whenever I choose to use a fabric/fiber in my designs I check with the supplier.  In this instance I checked with and consulted with the fabric distributor as well as the maker of the linen band.  They always assure me that it won't be discontinued, and they continue supplying it for a while.  If you have checked with Nordic Needle in Fargo, ND, as well as Zweigart  and they have told you that it has been discontinued you will then be in a long search at individual shops for a shop that might still have a length of it on hand.  I can assure you that the 3.25 inch wide -30 count will work out just fine.  The  white will be appropriate if an ivory is not found.  AND any 28 count in any color that she chooses will also be appropriate.   You are good friend to help her.  I hope that this problem doesn't discourage either of you.  Tell her that I appreciate her interest in using one of my designs.
Best wishes,  Emie

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