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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Garden

I am working on In My Garden and have run into a problem with the directions for the Middle Floral section.  Instructions for f. read:  “The four large flowers are worked with #12 Ecru Peal Cotton.  Begin by placing long stitches that meet at the center.  Working form the center out, weave over and under the three long stitches of each petal.” 

Could you please provide an illustration or a better explanation please.  I cannot find any instructions in my books or online for this type of flower. I love Emie Bishop designs and usually the instructions and illustrations are good but this one has me stumped.

Thank you so much. 


Hello Becky,

Those four large flowers as described in 2 f. are so much fun to stitch.  They are actually worked on top of the fabric instead of into the fabric or in a cut area.   After the long stitches that meet in the center are placed, bring the needle to the top of the fabric at the center.  "Working from the center out, weave over and under the three long stitches...."  They are worked the wame way as the flowers in 11 c on p. 3.  The illustration for them is shown on p. 11 (inside back cover) See Woven Petal with spoke.  
I hope this helps.  If you need further help, please contact me again. 
Thanks for choosing one of my designs, and best wishes.!

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